Mission & Vision


Human Excellence Through Education
To produce life long learners
who are provided equal opprtunities
to begin their own vision
in a supportive, innovative
learning environment in
a learning organization,
which is like no other place
in the world.


  • Excellence in academics,sports,co-curricular activitiesand life skills,in an environment that promets safety
  • (Our endeavour is to bring up our students and work force to achive the three ingredients of a good life:) Learning,Earning & Yearning for the good, and thereby living upto the motto of their ALMA MATER
  • "SHEELAM PARAM BHUSHANAM"(character is the best attire one can adorn)

    Values of the school

    Our students are customers and the product we deliver is to allow them exhibit their innate talent and to achieve to their highest ability.

  • Focus on children.
  • Emphasis on learning rather than knowledge gathering.
  • Learning is an active process where a student discovers & creates knowledge.
  • Active involvement of all stakeholders.
  • Indian values to be inculcated.
  • Secular outlook in everything we do.
  • Appreciation of Art and Culture as an Integral part of education.
  • Learning Process - Challenging and enjoyable.
  • Fostering creativity, Independent Thinking,
  • Experimentation & Discipline.
  • Developing Sound Ethical Values-kindness, Respect and Integrity.
  • Our business operations are cost effective while maintaining quality & excellence in education.